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Reveal Your True Self at Revelare Recovery Center

At Revelare Recovery in Atlanta, we believe behavioral or mental health conditions like Eating Disorders or Substance Use Disorders don’t define who you are. We provide a comprehensive yet customized approach to wellness and well-being in our caring and compassionate women’s behavioral health treatment center. Our team of professionals specializes in helping you uncover the root causes of your struggles with food and body image so that you can reclaim your health and well-being.

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About Revelare Recovery

Revelare Recovery is a women’s treatment center for behavioral health issues. We are unique because of our ability to treat Eating Disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions, including Substance Use Disorders, at the same time. Our experienced and compassionate team provides evidence-based care and support for individuals struggling with food and body image issues, Substance Use Disorders, and other conditions.

Our integrated and trauma-informed approach to healing at our women’s recovery center includes nutrition counseling, psychotherapy, and other solution-focused techniques to provide comprehensive care. Our treatment approach is tailored to each client’s needs to effectively treat the whole person. We provide support for recovery from Eating Disorders and work with individuals on their overall health and well-being.

Reveal Your True Self at Revelare Recovery Center.

Therapy Programs

At our Atlanta recovery center, we offer a variety of therapy programs to provide the support and skills women need for recovery. For example, our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) program is an evidence-based intervention that helps our clients tolerate difficult emotions to gain personal insight into their challenges and develop healthier ways of relating to them. Our program is trauma-focused to help our clients heal from past traumas and gain insight into the connection between trauma, Eating Disorders, and behavior. Of course, we also provide nutritional education and counseling to help our clients find a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

Revelare Recovery is also committed to providing an inclusive environment for all our women-identifying clients regardless of sexual orientation or race. As such, we strive to provide the most accepting and affirming space possible for women and LGBTQ+ individuals needing treatment.

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Treatment Programs

Our women’s behavioral health treatment center encourages our clients to unveil their true selves and recover from mental health challenges. We offer a range of mental health treatment programs for clients struggling with Anxiety, childhood trauma, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Substance Use Disorders. Our team can also assess, diagnose, and treat co-occurring conditions.

Our program is a specialized and individualized treatment plan tailored to the needs of females struggling with behavioral conditions, particularly Eating Disorders. We are a wonderful option for clients seeking gender-specific services in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
Revelare’s Eating Disorder treatment program at our Atlanta women’s treatment center is holistic and designed to create lasting life changes. We provide evidence-based treatments but lead with an integrative approach to help our clients control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to develop a healthy relationship with food.
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Reveal Your True Self at
Revelare Recovery Center.

Reveal Your True Self at Revelare

To start caring for and supporting who you genuinely are, contact the team at Revelare Recovery in Atlanta. Our experienced counselors, therapists, and other professionals specialize in helping you uncover the root causes of your struggles with food and body image so that you can reclaim your health and well-being. Speak with someone from our experienced and compassionate team today.

Use the form below to reach out and one of our team members will follow up with you as soon as possible.